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Sleeping Beagle BeautyA short list of reference material and other resources and solutions about food, health, training, behavioral problems that a responsible beagle owner needs in their household.



“How to Become the Alpha Dog and Solve Your Beagle’s Behavioral Problems” – OUR GIFT TO YOU

We strongly believe that understanding your beagle’s pack mentality and how to fulfill the alpha dog role in your household is the foundation for your dog’s training AND the best way to prevent behavioral problems. (If you haven’t already, go to the box on the right and get your complementary report).

You can also sign up here:





Free Video presentation about dog food and nutrition


245 homemade healthy dog food recipes


If you want to explore putting your dog on a raw diet, go to:




“The Ultimate Guide to Dog Health” by Malcolm Fields

This reference book is a must as a beagle owner: from prevention to daily health issues up to the more serious health problems, Malcolm Fields provides a thorough understanding of what is going on and what to do about it.




For the Ultimate Guide to Housetraining Your Puppy, go to:


If your beagle is no longer a puppy or you need to solve behavioral problems, go to “Secrets to Dog Training” by Daniel Stevens


If you want to use a clicker to train your beagle, here you have the information to do it the right way:


If you want to train your beagle to do tricks Hollywood-style, go to ‘Dog Training Online’ by Dove Cresswell


The Dog Training Tutor by Kobie Lawson




PeeAway – Urine deterrent. If dog urine is an issue in your home, check it out.

Sleeping Beagle Beauty

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