Can You Ever Stop Your Beagle Whining?

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  • Has your beagle puppy been whining since you brought them home?
  • Are your neighbors irritated?
  • Are you torn because you want to keep a happy puppy but at the same time you don’t know what else to do to stop your beagle whining?
  • And there seems to be no reason for the whining…

Stop Beagle WhiningIf this is you, read on because there is hope.

You need to know that beagle whine to solicit care and attention. As puppies they begin to whine to let their mother know if they are hungry, cold or in need of comforting. This is the time when beagles learn that whining equals attention.


Are you making this mistake trying to stop your beagle whining?

Are you reinforcing your beagle whining by giving them attention every time they whine? If so, you are reinforcing the behavior.

A better alternative is to check that your puppy is OK and take action only if there is a need to be met. If nothing is really wrong, it is really OK to ignore your beagle for a while. That is exactly what their mother would do.

Identifying the cause of the whining

Check the following:

  • Is your beagle in pain?
  • Is there enough fresh water?
  • Is your beagle well fed?
  • Is your beagle too cold?
  • Is your beagle trying to tell you that they need to go potty?

Make sure all these factors are ruled out. If your beagle whines to let you know that they need to go out, let them go out and praise them for letting you know. Start to observe how your beagle behaves when they need to go outside to let them out before they start whining next time!

If your beagle whining is just a way to get attention (and nothing is wrong), ignore them for a while and only play with your beagle again or provide attention once they stop whining. This way you are reinforcing the desired behavior. Your puppy is learning to make the following connection in their brains: “NO whining = I get what I want”.

What next?

No yelling, no telling your beagle to stop it. Just ignore them.

Once your beagle stops whining, spend some time playing with them to reward the calm desired behavior.

One tactic that seems to work very well for some beagle owners is to distract your beagle as soon as they start whining by making them do something else. Tell them to sit or come. Check it out to see if it works for you.

Remain consistent. Don’t give in but don’t punish your puppy either.

If your beagle whines to make you come back to the room where they are, stay away until your beagle stops whining. This way you are training your beagle to know that whining won’t make you come back.

Some people use electrical devices or a can full of pennies to scare their beagles. We don’t recommend it. You don’t need their bodies to produce any more stress hormones. Why would you want your beagle to get scared or to associate you with the source of an unpleasant noise? We don’t believe that because you can, you should.

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