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Stop Beagle LickingSome people consider their beagle licking as an expression of affection towards them. A lot of beagle owners see it as embarrassing when their beagles lick other people who come to visit their home. Some visitors don’t feel that comfortable with such displays of “beagle love”.

Here are some tips to stop beagle licking people that you can start implementing right away:

TIP 1 – Train your beagle already as a puppy or as soon as you bring your beagle home to behave towards you tin the same way you want them to behave towards other people. If you are delighted when your beagle licks your face, but you are shocked when they do the same to your visitors, your beagle gets confused. One minute it is OK if your beagle licks your face, another minute it is not. ???

TIP 2 – Avoid eye contact with your beagle and turn away whenever your beagle tries to lick your face. Avoid giving attention to your beagle when they attempt to lick your face. If you do, you will be reinforcing the behavior that you want to avoid.

Once your beagle is calm and settled, praise them and reward them (treats of course work wonders with beagles during the training phase). In this way you are reinforcing the desired behavior and teaching your beagle to calmly greet you if they want your attention.

TIP 3 – Avoid eye contact, pull your hand away and turn away if your beagle tries to lick your hand. Once your beagle calms down, praise them and reward them.

TIP 4 – Train your visitors to do the same (avoiding eye contact and turning away from your beagle) if your beagle attempts to lick them.

TIP 5 – If your beagle licks people, objects and themselves constantly, you can be facing anxiety problems. Check with your vet that your beagle is in good health and there are no neurological issues causing this extreme anxiety.

If there are no neurological issues to worry about, you need to teach your beagle how to relax. Physical exercise as well as mental stimulation will help your beagle relax and redirect their anxiety.

BONUS TIP – If your beagle licks you to show affection, you can teach them another trick to greet you (therefore training them in what you want them to do) that you find more appealing. You could teach them to shake their paw, for example as a way of stopping your beagle from licking your face or your hands.

To watch a free online video lesson on how to train your beagle to shake their paw and other tricks, click here

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