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“Beagle house training should never be called “house breaking”. Why would you want to break your house?”

Claudia Robbins


Beagle House TrainingTIP 1 – Start early

House train your beagle as soon as you bring them to your home, whether they are puppies or older because the fact that they are older does not mean that they would instantly know the rules of your house.

TIP 2 – Get the basis right

The basis of beagle house training is:

Reward success. In other words, there will be no punishment for messes but plenty of praise when they do the right thing. Remember the treats. Beagles love food.

Avoid accidents. How do you avoid accidents? You watch your beagle all the time.

If you catch them in the act, take them outside while pushing your beagle’s tail down. If you find a mess, clean it up. There is nothing else to do about this.

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TIP 3 – Learn from your beagle

Learn to recognize the signals your beagle gives you. They will show you when they need to eliminate. Watch them and learn!

TIP 4 – Choose one method and stick to it

Be patient and remain consistent. Choose your beagle house training method and stick to it. Make sure all the members of your household are on the same page with you.

Three methods that you might want to consider:

The Umbilical Cord Method – Fasten your beagle with a leash to your body, allowing them enough freedom to move while you are able to watch them at all times.

The Gate Method – Gate off an area of any room of your home and keep your beagle there.

The Crate Method – When you cannot watch them, put them in their crate. Remember to take them outside first. It is a good idea not to put water or food in their crates, just a blanket and some chew toys.

Tip 5 – Take your beagle outside frequently

You need to remember that a small dog equals a small bladder. Take them back outside frequently if you want to succeed in the house training process.

If you have a puppy, be ready to take them outside immediately. Their bladder and bowel muscles are not prepared to hold it while you go look for their leash or comb your hair.

Choose the area and stick to it. Take your beagle outside always to the same spot.

TIP 6 – Get a feeding schedule for your beagle

A regular schedule will help you to determine when to take your beagle outside.

TIP 7 – Words

Choose words to associate with the commands you teach your beagle and make sure that all the members of the household use the same exact words.

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BONUS FAQ – Do you have this problem with your beagle?

If your beagle does not eliminate outside, but they urinate as soon as you come back home, wait around 10 minutes and if they don’t eliminate, bring them back home and put them on your lap. They will be reluctant to make a mess on you. In 5 to 10 minutes, take them outside again.

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