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Stop Beagle Digging

Digging comes with the package of instincts and habits that Beagles bring with them. In the wild, dogs dig to build their den space for themselves and their puppies and also to hide food.

Does that mean that there is nothing to do about your Beagle’s digging? The good news is that there are plenty of possibilities to leverage the animal instincts of your beagle and channel that energy in more productive ways.

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TIP 1 – Choose the right strategy

Your strategy should be to discourage the digging where you don’t want it, to train your beagle where to dig and where not to dig and to provide alternative digging spaces where your beagle can dig to their heart’s content.

TIP 2 – Minimize the reasons for their digging

Two main reasons of excessive digging are: too much pent-up energy and boredom. Exercise, games, bones and toys that stimulate your beagle both physically and mentally are the right solution. Sometimes a pet companion for your beagle is exactly what you need.

Tip 3 – Protect the “sensitive areas” with something they cannot dig through

Tip 4 –Create a digging friendly space

Build a special digging pool or sand box for your beagle. It can be a pool with dirt or a sand box with sand or grass.

BONUS TIP: Hide treats in the dirt or sand. You want this area to become your beagle’s favorite digging corner.

TIP 5 – Spray natural dog repellents in the areas that you want to protect.

Some natural substances ready available that you can try include: citronella and red pepper. You can also check your pet store for dig preventatives.

TIP 6 – The right mindset and body language

Getting upset about the digging won’t help your beagle learn. It might make the habit even worse. You, as the alpha leader of your pack, should remain calm and relaxed when training your beagle. If you want to learn how to become the alpha leader of your household, check out our free report.

TIP 7 – No Yelling or Hitting

If you find your beagle digging where they shouldn’t, attract their attention by clapping your hands and claim that space as yours as the alpha leader of your household.

For the ultimate resource to stop your beagle from digging, go here.


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