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Beagle Crate Training Made Easy

Cruelty Myth Busted

Before we dive into the 5 easy steps of beagle crate training, we are going to clarify the myth of cruelty for your peace of mind as a responsible and loving beagle owner. Beagle crate training is based on the work that the mother of your beagle has already started by teaching the litter to keep their den clean. In the wild, dogs choose a safe place to sleep and they keep that place clean to avoid parasites and other diseases. Crate training is just leveraging your beagle’s instincts.


3 Key Advantages of Beagle Crate Training

  • The crate will provide you with a safe place to keep your beagle when you’re away so it is as important to you as it is for the safety of your beagle.
  • Crate training is an essential component in the house training process.
  • Crate training is also the starting point of potty training your beagle.


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5 Easy Steps to Crate Train Your Beagle

  • When to start – As soon as you bring your beagle home
  • Aim – To get your beagle to like their crate and to regard it as a place to rest and be safe.
  • Mistake To Avoid – The crate should not be treated as a place of punishment. Is not a place to send your beagle when they did something wrong.


STEP 1 – Train your beagle to go into their crate

Don’t close the door yet. Place treats in their crate and praise your beagle for going in to get the treats, which would be super easy since beagles love food.

STEP 2 -Train your beagle to stay in the crate

Give them even more treats while they stay calmly in their crate.

STEP 3 – Train your beagle to stay calm when you close the door

Continue giving your beagle treats as long as they remain calmly inside their crate.

STEP 4 – Train your beagle to stay in the crate with closed doors as you get away from the crate

Close the door and get away from the crate and return. Repeat this step increasing the time you are away from one minute to two minutes to five minutes.

TIP – The key here is long-lasting treats.

STEP 5 – Train your beagle to stay in their crate alone in the room

Once your beagle gets comfortable being in their crate, leave the room. Again longer-lasting treats are required. Increase the time you leave them inside the crate alone in the room gradually.


  • Make sure you have the time when you start crate training your beagle. This training is not completed in one day but in consecutive days.
  • Move onto the next step once your beagle is comfortable with the previous one.
  • The introduction to their crate is essential. You shouldn’t put your beagle there and leave them there for a long time the first time.
  • Treats and praise using words are essential. Make sure you have chosen your long-lasting treats beforehand.
  • As important as praise and treats is your behavior towards your beagle once they step out of their crate. When they step out of their crate, remain indifferent towards your dog.
  • The size of the crate is also important. Don’t get a crate that is too big. Otherwise, your beagle may be tempted to eliminate in a corner of the crate.
  • Remember to open the crate door only when your beagle is calm because you don’t want to create the connection “I make a fuss = I get out”.
  • Crate training is not rocket science. It does require organization, patience and a good system.

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