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Beagle training TechniquesBy now you are probably aware of all the disadvantages of not training your beagle and all the awesome benefits of having a trained beagle. So now the question is what are the best beagle training techniques?

Well, there are a lot of ways of training a beagle. There are people who use negative reinforcement (also known as punishment) to train their dogs. Can a beagle learn this way? Of course, dogs are intelligent animals and they can learn to be afraid of you and to do certain behaviors only when you are not around. Here we do not even consider these methods because there is no need to build a relationship like that with your beagle.

There is also a school that teaches about positive reinforcement. This means that you will be reinforcing and rewarding the desired behaviors.

What about the undesired behaviors, you may ask. Your job will be to train your beagle to do what you consider a desired behavior instead. You get to choose what you would prefer your beagle to do instead of barking at the mailman and you train your beagle to do that.

Beagle Training Techniques – Where To Start

In this video expert dog trainer Emily Larlham explains the basics of reinforcing desired behaviors as well as different means of reinforcement.

Beagle Training – Basic Concepts

In this video Emily continues her explanation of the basics of training a dog by using positive reinforcement.

Beagle Clicker Training

A clicker is a device that produces a noise. As simple as that. You can use this noise as positive reinforcement. That is what clicker training is all about or you can just use your voice and say “yes” instead of the device.

If you understand the basics of beagle training, a clicker can be a wonderful technology to supercharge the training process. To learn everything about clicker training, one of our favorite beagle training techniques, check this out:


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