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Beagle Puppy TrainingThis post is going to be based on an email from one of our subscribers sharing the good news that there is a new beagle puppy in our community.


Dear Claudia,

Thank you very much for quick reply.  I brought beagle puppy 20 days ago when he was just one month old.  He is hyper active and you know everything about this breed.

Please send the “The Alpha Dog Report” plus the My Beagle Training Newsletter series enabling to handle my puppy.

Thanks & regards

Dayal Chand


Your Puppy Acts Hyperactively?

Let’s see how we can help Dayal.

You should start training your beagle puppy as soon as you bring them home. Your first task is to decide which behaviors you want to reinforce and which behaviors you want to avoid.

Make an actual list. Under Column A list what you want to reinforce (for example, in this case we will want to train our beagle puppy to behave CALMLY). Under Column B list all the behaviors that you want to avoid (for instance, I don’t want my beagle to jump up on people, to bark, to sit on the couch, etc.).

Once you are clear about the behaviors you want to avoid, you need to train your beagle to do what you want instead by reinforcing an alternate behavior.

To reinforce behaviors you can use food, toys and even the environment. You can start using healthy food as reinforcement as soon as your puppy shows interest in food. Use healthy food, even meat or any elements from your puppy diet.

With a young puppy we don’t want to reinforce hyperactivity such as jumping, barking, talking, mouthing. The first behaviors you want to reinforce are CALMED behaviors, such as settling, sitting calmly, standing calmly and lying down calmly.

BONUS TIP – When you feed your puppy a treat, always make sure that their 4 feet are on the floor. You want them to sit calmly, not to reinforce jumping up.

The Free Report we offer lays the foundations of your role as the owner and protector of your beagle puppy and how to start training your puppy. If you want to get your free report, just tell us where to send it:


Beagle-Proofing Your Home

Ideally you do this BEFORE you bring the puppy home. If you haven’t already, you need to beagle-proof your home.

Before you bring your puppy home, get the following ready:

  • bowls,
  • chew toys,
  • a crate and a play pen,
  • a dog bed,
  • a leash ( a 4-foot leash first and then you can move onto the 6-foot leash),
  • a dog training book,
  • electrical cord protectors,
  • baby gates,
  • cabinet locks,
  • fireplace screens (optional)

For your beagle’s safety as well as for your home’s sake:

  • Cover the trash
  • Keep cleaning products, antifreeze, chemicals and medicine locked away.
  • Keep cabinets closed.
  • Keep your bathroom door closed.
  • Keep the toilet lid down.
  • Keep sharp objects out of the reach of your beagle.
  • Keep all your favorite possession also out of reach and don’t give your puppy your old things to chew because they cannot distinguish between your Armani shoes and your old shoes.
  • Keep chocolate away (it contains substances that are poisonous for dogs).
  • Keep plants and flowers out of reach (they can be toxic too).


What Next?

Start getting your beagle puppy socialized with other people but wait to bring your puppy to the dog park until all they get all their shots.

You have hopefully started with crate training, house training and leash training. If you need more free information about it, check out “What You Need To Train Your Beagle Puppy” box below.

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