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We have been moved by the story of Brandi, the Super Beagle, surviving a jump from a 70-foot-high bridge.

Beagle survives 70-foot leap off of NJ bridge – CBS News
CBS NewsBeagle survives 70-foot leap off of NJ bridgeCBS NewsThe beagle’s owner recovered her after a long night of searching and took her to a veterinarian. Brandi was bruised around the abdomen, but didn’t have any broken bones. The owners added to that Brandi was a rescue dog who was skittish around people …

Beagle Leash TrainingWhat Can We Learn?

There are cerainly several lessons to learn from this story but the one most practical lesson is about leash training your beagle to keep your dog safe because beagles are driven by their noses and interesting smells can lead them to dangerous places.

Steps to Beagle Leash Training


Get your new beagle puppy used to wearing a collar or a harness. (For all the details about the equipment you need check out the resource box at the bottom of this page).

Your puppy may try to take it off. Don’t take it off until the puppy has calmed down. That way you are teaching your beagle that they can get what they want by being.


Get your puppy used to the leash by attaching the leash to the collar or harness so that your beagle can drag it around while doing something else, such as playing. Your aim is that your puppy forgets about the leash as they did with the collar or harness.

IMPORTANT – Don’t leave your beagle alone while you do this because they can get caught on something.


Hold the other end of the leash and walk your beagle around your home first before you go out. Keep the leash LOOSE and train your beagle to stay by your side.

If your beagle pulls the leash, stop walking and call your beagle. Reward your beagle with treats when they stay by your side and when they come. Don’t forget the praise.

Start walking again as soon as your beagle is by your side. Shower your puppy with praise (and treats) every time they do the right thing.


Check out the resource box for more free information about leash training.

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