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Beagle Chew ToysBeagle chew toys can provide entertainment as well as mental stimulation to your beagle and save some of your most precious possessions.

  • Keep Away Your Possessions

You are responsible for your stuff so don’t assume that your beagle will know the difference between your old shoes and your brand new ones. Don’t give your beagle your old stuff to chew because you are only confusing your dog. Make sure to put away things that you don’t want chewed.

Train Your Beagle To Use The Beagle Chew The Toys

Training your puppy to enjoy chewing their toys will also create a very important future behavior, when your beagle will spend longer and longer periods of time relaxing and chewing toys.

Dog Star Daily suggests the following strategy to make your beagle like chewing the toys instead of your things:

An effective ploy is to stuff the puppy’s chewtoys with kibble and treats. In fact, during your puppy’s first few weeks at home, put away his food bowl and, apart from using kibble as lures and rewards for training, serve all your puppy’s kibble stuffed in hollow chewtoys — Kongs, Biscuit Balls, Squirrel Dudes, Busy Buddy Footballs and sterilized bones. The original story here.

There is another extra benefit to training your beagle to like their chew toys: if your beagle plays with them when left alone at home, for example, they cannot bark at the same time. In other words, chewing toys provides excellent entertainment and can be the antidote for boredom when your beagle is at home alone.

In the wild dogs ar used to working for their food, so it is difficult for a dog to have nothing to do the whole day. And believe it or not, that can be the cause of some unwanted behaviors. Giving your beagle chew toys stuffed with food can provide hours of entertainment and mental stimulation, as well as giving your beagle a task to complete.

Some Good Choices for Beagle Chew Toys


For years, I considered Kong products to be the Cadillacs of chewtoys. Now, there are other equally good products, such as Premier Pet Product’s Squirrel Dudes and Busy Buddy Footballs. Hollow sterilized long bones are a very close second choice. I like Kong and Premier products and sterilized bones because they are simple, natural, and organic, i.e., not plastic. Also, being hollow, they can be stuffed with food.

Beagle Chewing Toy Video

At the beginning of this short video (less than two minutes long) you can see Ziggy settling down to chew his toy happily (ok until interrupted by people). This behavior of settling down to chew a toy can be very relaxing for you and for your beagle as well.

  • Safety First

When it comes to beagle chew toys, keep in mind your beagle’s safety first. Make sure that you get a robust toy (that cannot be easily destroyed or torn). If the toy gets torn, throw it away immediately. The last thing you will want is that your beagle swallows a little part of the toy!

What is your beagle’s favorite toy? Tell us in the comments below.

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