Solving Beagle Barking Problems – DOs and DON’Ts

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Beagle Barking ProblemsIt would be so good if your beagle came with a remote control that allowed “muting” your dog some times. Until that happens, read on to learn how to solve your beagle barking problems with training.

How to Solve Beagle Barking Problems When On A Walk

There are many reasons for the barking, most often than not, the barking is triggered by some element in the environment: whether your beagle is attempting to protect their territory or to assert dominance over another animal or to get something that they want from you.

In this video international dog training expert Emily Larlham shows you the basics of training your dog not to bark when you go on a walk (which will for sure earn you a couple of points in your neighbor’s books).

The next video teaches you what to do if your beagle barks at dogs behind fences when you go for a walk.


  • Training, training, training. (Check out the resource box at the bottom of this article for training to solve your beagle barking issues).
  • Training your beagle to bark on cue is one of the essential components of training to solve barking issues. In other words, if your beagle is taught to bark on cue, it is less likely that they start barking when there is no cue. Pair up “barking” with “quiet” facilitates the training process.
  • Remember to reinforce the DESIRED behavior. Plus beagles love treats!!!


  • Do not reinforce the problem by rewarding it with your attention.
  • Do not yell. Your beagle thinks that there is a good reason for their barking and that you are joining them in the fun.
  • If your beagle is barking outside, don’t let them in until they calm down. Train the association “I must be calm to get what I want”.
  • Don’t comfort or treat your beagle when they bark. You are reinforcing the undesirable behavior and creating the wrong associations in your beagle’s brain).
  • If your beagle barks when the phone rings or the doorbell rings, do not react to the telephone or the doorbell. You will be showing your dog that there is no reason to be alerted or anxious about these noises. You should be ringing the bell or the phone repeatedly when you are training your beagle to get them used to the noise and the calm reaction that is expected from them.

Bonus Tips

Here are some tips to solve beagle barking problems when you are not at home:

  • Provide your beagle with plenty of exercise as well as mental stimulation. A walk before you leave in the morning would be ideal.
  • Leave the radio or the TV on. We have found that playing soothing music in the background works best for us.
  • Leave your beagle toys they can play with (puzzles and chew toys are a great entertainment and they give your beagle a task to complete).
  • Ignore your beagle until they calm down when you come back home. Don’t reinforce the barking behavior with your attention. Wait until they calm down, and then give them attention.

For more information about clicker training as well as how to solve your beagle’s behavioral problems, check out the resource box below.

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