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Stop Beagle Aggression

Your cute beagle with those sweet eyes cannot be aggressive. Everybody knows how friendly beagles are, after all. Well… There are times when they might suffer from aggression problems.

It is difficult to provide advice on aggression in general. It is best to determine the cause and then handle the issue accordingly.



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The possible causes of aggressive behavior

Use this list as a sort of checklist to pinpoint the cause of the aggressive behavior in order to get the proper training to solve it.

  • Lack of Alpha Leadership – This is the basis of beagle training and the key to solving aggressive behavior.

When it comes to aggression, you need to remember that beagles are pack animals bred to follow an alpha leader of their pack that provides them with protection in exchange for their submission. If you don’t act like the alpha leader of your pack, your beagle will try to take over that role and protect the family.

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  • Boredom
  • Excessive energy
  • Fear – Socialize your beagle with people and other dogs to make them comfortable.
  • Not enough socialization – Was your beagle taken away from their mother and their litter before the eighth week of age?
  • It is a health issue?
  • Did you adopt your beagle as an adult? Was your beagle mistreated as a puppy?
  • Is it territorial aggression? Does your beagle get aggressive when another person or dog enters their space?
  • Is it protective aggression? Does your beagle get aggressive when another person or dog gets close to the family?
  • Is it possessive aggression? In beagles it has to do with food, but it can also be about toys or their bed.
  • Is it defensive aggression? Does your beagle fight as a response to fear?
  • Is it predatory aggression? Does your beagle chase cars, people or other animals?


When dealing with aggression, these are the steps to follow:

1)            Understand the cause of the aggressive behavior.
2)            Identify the source or sources of aggression.
3)            Check with your vet to confirm that your beagle is healthy.
4)            Do your homework and learn to be the alpha leader of your pack.
5)            Get help and start training or retraining your beagle.
6)            Avoid the situations that cause the aggressive behavior until your beagle is properly trained or the issue is handled.
7)            Get appropriate leashes or muzzles during the training if necessary.
8)            Neuter your beagle to lower their testosterone levels.


BONUS TIP 1 - Sources of aggression. Possible sources of aggressive behavior are: food, children, adults, other people and strangers.

BONUS TIP 2 - No punishment for growling. They might learn to skip the growling altogether and bite instead without warning.

BONUS TIP 3 – No Punishment. Use positive reinforcement, praise and treats, of course, during their training and avoid punishment.

BONUS TIP 4 - Don’t reinforce the behavior. Aggression should be treated properly. If you pet your beagle after they snapped at somebody, you’re confusing your dog, not reassuring them.

BONUS TIP 5 – Is your beagle aggressive against you? Ignore your dog by turning your back on your beagle as any respected alpha leader would.

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