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  • Beagle Training Free LessonWhen can I start training my beagle?

Beagle training (commands) should start as soon as you bring your beagle home, whether your beagle is a puppy or an older dog. In the case of a puppy, your beagle should get their shots first before you take them outside where they will be in contact with the environment and other dogs.

  • When can I start teaching my beagle tricks?

The second phase in your beagle training is tricks. You should start with the basic commands first, and once they are mastered, you can move onto tricks.

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  •  Why should I consider teaching my beagle tricks?

Beagles are easily bored and were bred to work. Teaching your beagle tricks can be fun, provide the mental and physical stimulation that your dog needs PLUS there is nothing cuter than a beagle performing tricks.

  • How can I teach my beagle tricks?

If you want to teach your beagle tricks, we recommend: ‘Dog Training Online’ by Dove Cresswell.

This is what we call the “Hollywood Training” stuff around here simply because Dove Cresswell is a Hollywood dog trainer who does work for films, TV shows and commercials. You might have seen some of her work already and not be aware of it (Charlie’s Angels, Romeo, Behind the Camera, Saved, Sam’s Lake, The Source).

  • Start with the first free lesson:

Beagle Training Free Lesson

Beagle Training Tips

TIP 1 – A good motivation for beagles is food. Remember to get plenty of treats and to plan your training lessons before meals (and not after). You want your beagle to be hungry.

TIP 2 – Make it fun for you and for your beagle. Use a cheerful, positive tone of voice and body language. Remember to praise your beagle for everything they do right.

TIP 3 – Once you start teaching the commands, you should practice every day. In the case of puppies, short sessions are better and they should be scheduled several times per day. Remember that your puppy also has a puppy bladder.

BONUS TIP – One of the first commands to teach a beagle is “fetch” because you will be leveraging their hunting instincts. The more successful they are at learning their commands, the more they will enjoy their training and the more successful they will be with the next commands and tricks.

To learn everything about teaching your beagle tricks, check out ‘Dog Training Online’ by Dove Cresswell.


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