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Beagle Puppy Training - Stop Beagle BitingA beagle puppy is probably the cutest thing in the world. We usually say here that beagles come in one size only: cute. All that cuteness might lead you to dismiss the biting issue. And that is really a mistake.

You need to stop the biting ASAP because it can lead to more serious issues with aggression and dominance, no matter how cute your puppy looks right now.


Tips for The Early Days

  • Take action to stop the biting, if your beagle puppy bites, especially if you take home a beagle that is less than eight weeks old.
  • Don’t use punishment to stop the beagle puppy biting. For example, don’t hit your puppy in response to their biting because your beagle may become afraid of you and develop anxiety and phobias leading to aggression.
  • What should you do instead? You should encourage good behavior and discourage negative behavior, which is the basis of your beagle training.
  • Don’t confuse the beagle by playing games that might lead to biting, such as wrestling, tug of war, or chasing games.
  • Remain consistent in the training.


The Training

When you start training your beagle puppy, sign them up for socialization classes or obedience training, or even bite inhibition classes. There are several others advantages to socialization: it teaches your beagle good responses when your beagle is together with other dogs and it reduces any aggression your dog might show toward other dogs.

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Redirect the biting to a chew toy or a bone when you are teaching your puppy not to bite. Say “Ouch” out loud when your beagle bites you and give them a chew toy to bite instead of your finger. Your puppy will learn that biting you is not acceptable but chewing on the toy is ok.

“Ouch” or a hurt noise is better than saying “No!” if your puppy nips at you because it replicates the answer that a puppy gets when they bite a litter mate. The sound should startle your puppy enough that they let go and leave you be.

Training your beagle puppy not to bite is an essential component of their socialization. By the age of 10 weeks your beagle puppy should ideally understand that biting is not acceptable. Devoting your efforts to proper training will make the years to come much more enjoyable and reduce the risk of potential aggression.

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