Beagle Scratching – When should I worry about my beagle’s health?

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Beagle ScratchingScratching can be a signal that there is something wrong with your beagle’s health. Therefore, it is essential to know why your beagle scratches to understand possible signals of illnesses.

In order to stop scratching, you should always watch your beagle first. There is nothing to worry about if your beagle just scratches once or twice. If you notice that your beagle spends hours scratching or biting their legs or back side, there is definitely something wrong going on that you need to explore. It may be fleas, boredom or an allergy. Once you identify the cause, you are better equipped to deal with it.

Possible Causes of Scratching

An Itch

Most beagles scratch to relive an itch, which can be the result from allergies, flea bites or irritations.

If there is dandruff, lack of oil on the coat and/or sneezing, you might be in the presence of dry skin or allergies.

Red Spots or Sores

If you notice sores or red spots, your beagle might be suffering from a skin infection and you must consult with your vet as soon as possible for the best treatment for infections.

Neurological Causes

If your beagle doesn’t spend enough time outside, enjoying the weather and getting exercise but rather spends time scratching and licking, it is probable that your beagle develops dry, itchy patches needing treatment.

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Should I always worry about my beagle scratching?

You will know it is time to worry if the scratching gets chronic or you notice damage in the skin, irritation, sores that start to open, swollen ears, etc..

If you notice that your beagle constantly scratches and sores start to open up or they start bleeding, it is definitely time to consult with your vet about the causes of these problems. A series of skin checks and/or blood tests will reveal any possible problems or illnesses causing the scratching.

Are there ways to stop excess scratching?  

Your first step is checking and treatment. Get the appropriate checking and testing and then treat the health issues that are causing the scratching. Your vet will advise on the right flea treatment or medication for skin allergies or infections.

After the treatment, you can prevent scratching by using a cone or taping the area so that your beagle doesn’t have access to it. If that doesn’t work, you might want to try scratching deterrents such as cayenne pepper or bitter apple.

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