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Beagle Jumping UpThere are many undesired behaviors that a beagle can start to show while growing up.  Almost all of these behaviors can be corrected when your beagle is still a puppy.

Some other undesirable behaviors may only appear when your beagle becomes an adult because you might not be providing as much attention as before. Barking is a good example of an undesired behavior that most beagle owners will want to correct.

However, while barking can be very annoying, it is by no means dangerous to anyone that comes to your home. If your beagle jumps up on people, you need to train your beagle to stop because it is dangerous and can cause harm.


Why Does Your Beagle Jump Up?

There are actually several reasons for your beagle jumping up on people: from happiness and excitement to see you or others to attention seeking. Excitement to see you is probably the most common one. If your beagle is bored, they might be seeking attention. Your beagle jumping up can also be an attempt to assert their dominance over the people who come into your home.

While it might feel great to be greeted by such an enthusiastic dog, it is certainly not that great to be pushed over or get your clothes ruined. Even worse, when your children or elderly visitors come to your home, your beagle jumping up on them could be dangerous because they might fall and hurt themselves.


Tips To Stop Your Beagle Jumping Up

The best way to stop your beagle jumping up is to start when they are puppies.

Your beagle jumping up should never be rewarded with your attention. Remain consistent. Your beagle needs to learn that jumping up doesn’t get them attention. If they want your attention, they will need to show the desired behaviors that you train them to show.

Don’t laugh or show with your body language that you think it is funny that your beagle jumps up.

Avoid giving your beagle attention because you think it is great that they give you such a warm welcome and then scold them when your beagle jumps up on other people. You are only creating confusion. Make sure to train your beagle to behave with you as you expect them to behave with others to avoid mixed messages.

If you want to train your beagle to stop jumping up, you should ignore them by turning your body away from them and avoiding eye contact.

You can also give your beagle another command to distract them and reward them by leaving a treat on the floor, which will require that your beagle keeps their four feet on the ground to get the treat.

Learn everything about stopping your beagle jumping up as well as other undesirable behaviors here


Watch international expert Emily Larlham clicker training a puppy not to jump up.

PS – The noise you hear repeatedly in the video is the clicker. You don’t need a clicker, if you don’t want to but if you want to check it out, it is an awesome way of training your beagle in many different behaviors as well as training your dog to stop undesirable behaviors, such as your beagle jumping up. I included more free information about clicker training in the resource box below.

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