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Beagle In An Apartment Training

Are you enchanted by the beagle’s big sweet eyes and their floppy ears and would like to get a beagle as a companion but the problem is that you live in an apartment? Read on.

We are going to look here at two different scenarios:

A)     you are considering bringing a beagle home to your apartment OR

B)      you already have a beagle in your apartment.

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You are considering a beagle

Any dog is a big responsibility, we are not going to go into that here because we assume that you know that and therefore, you are trying to get the right information in order to make the best decision.

Having said that, these are the main facts that you need to know about beagles (and what they mean to you):

  • They were bred as hunting dogs, specifically as scent hounds. This means that beagles are very energetic dogs and need plenty of exercise and that any interesting scent distracts them and they can be difficult to recall.
  • They were designed to bark, bay and howl to let the hunters and the rest of the pack know that they had picked a scent and they were on the trail. This means that they can bark, bay and howl and many neighbors might not appreciate that.
  • They are pack animals bred to work independently from humans and follow very strong dogs called the alpha leaders of the pack. This means to you that your beagle may not seem particularly inclined to pay attention to you unless you learn how to behave as the alpha leader of your pack.
  • They are also sociable animals and don’t like to be left alone. Translated to you, this means that if you have a full time job and nobody else is at home, you will need to find a way of organizing a dog walker.
  • Grooming a beagle is not particularly complicated, but they shed all year round. This means that unless you do the grooming right, your apartment can suffer.

If you ONLY want a beagle and you are determined to get a beagle, you will need to get the right training plan from day one to avoid possible problems. It can be done, but get ready!

If you are open to other possibilities, a beagle might not be your first choice for an apartment.

You already have a beagle in your apartment

All the facts above apply to you, of course. You need to get yourself organized about:

  • crate training,
  • potty training,
  • house training,
  • leash training, and
  • obedience training (with a special emphasis on barking on command) ASAP!

Check out this comprehensive guide to training your beagle.


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