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Beagle Grooming

In Part 1 of this series we went through the big picture of a healthy, time-effective grooming routine for your beagle and we outlined the steps that every grooming routine should follow. (If you missed “Beagle Grooming Checklist – Part 1, you can read it here).

In Part 2 we are going to dive into the first steps: brushing your beagle’s teeth, cleaning their face and brushing their coats.


STEP ONE – Brushing your beagle’s teeth

How often? At least three times a week. I prefer to do it every day to prevent gum disease and dog’s breath.

What do I need? A soft toothbrush for dogs or children and doggie toothpaste.

WARNING: Never use human toothpaste.

When do I start? Before the puppy teeth fall out so your beagle gets used to it.

What if my puppy doesn’t like it? Start by using only a toothbrush a couple of times daily and reward your beagle with a treat so they can make the brain connection “brushing teeth = reward”. After your beagle lets you brush, incorporate the toothpaste.

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STEP TWO – Cleaning your beagle’s face

How often? Daily. I actually incorporate this step to the teeth brushing, so it is teeth and then face in one go.

TIP: Remember that beagles don’t have hands and therefore, they cannot wash their own faces. While you are at it, quickly check for any eye crumps and remove them, too.

What do I need? Some damp cotton or a soft wash cloth to remove any dead skin or dirt from your beagle’s face.


STEP THREE – Brushing your beagle’s coat

Beagles have a waterproof double coat consisting of an outer coat to protect their body and an undercoat to insulate them. Brushing removes dead fur, stimulates the production of natural oils, keeps their skin and coat healthy and controls itching, smelly odors and shedding.

Because beagles shed, you should brush them once or twice a week in order to keep their coat and skin healthy as well as to reduce the amount of hair in your home.

Shedding Tip 1 – In spring and in fall they shed more abundantly so you might want to brush them more often.

Shedding Tip 2 – Consider bathing your beagle in spring and fall when shedding starts to accelerate the shedding process and help you with the overall grooming.

How often? At least once a week. More often in spring and fall when they shed more.

RULE – The more often you brush your beagle’s coat, the less you will notice that they shed. If perfomed daily, you won’t notice any shedding.

TIP: regular brushing and grooming is essential if you want to prevent those tangles of hair in a tight knot that makes brushing and combing impossible also called mats.

What do I need? A large towel or sheet if you do the brushing indoors (to facilitate the cleaning up afterwards), a bristle brush, a fine-toothed comb, a dog glove brush and a rake during a heavy shedding period.


1)      If you do the brushing indoors, stand your Beagle on a large sheet or towel to facilitate cleanup. In warm weather, you may want to do this outdoors.

2)      Brush your dog from head to tail with a vigorous stroke in the direction the hair grows. Remember to brush all areas including their legs, tail and backside.

3)      Comb to get rid of any residual hair.

4)      Brush your beagle with the dog glove brush.

TIP:  You are not aiming for the fur of your beagle to be silky smooth but you want it to lie flat.

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