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Beagle Grooming

A regular grooming routine is a must in order to keep your beagle’s skin, coat, eyes, ears, gums, teeth and nails healthy, detect any diseases or problems and connect and bond with your beagle by spending quality time together.

The good news is that beagles are easy dogs to groom so you will be able to learn how to do it yourself if you so wish.

In this first part of the “Beagle Grooming Checklist” Series, you will get the big picture of an easy-to-follow, time-efficient grooming routine and the subsequent parts of this series will provide all the detailed information about each ones of the steps.


When to begin with a grooming routine? It is a good idea to begin when your beagle is a puppy to allow them to get used to it and learn to relax and enjoy it. Start as soon as you bring your beagle home.

Reward your dog (treats work wonders with beagles, as you have probably already noticed) for being still and allowing you to inspect their eyes, ears, feet and muzzle. It is really important that your dog gets used to having these areas touched because this is going to make your visits to the vet and any kind of treatments they might need much easier.

BONUS TIP:  If you notice that your beagle doesn’t like to be groomed, substitute the brush with your hands and train your dog to stay still. Repeat the process and just extend the time with every single repetition until you are able to switch to the brush.

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How often? This, of course, will depend on your style and preferences. My philosophy (and what makes me happy) is to do a little bit every day and always have a clean home and a beagle that is a joy to be around. I have a daily routine consisting of time-efficient steps and that keeps our environment clean and tidy as well as a happy and healthy beagle. Let me give you an example. I clean my beagle’s face every day (it is a breeze) and check for pests or ear problems. If there is a tick, I remove it and I don’t have twenty to remove once a week.

I also brush my beagle’s coat quite often because this helps minimize the effects of shedding and saves me time keeping the household clean.

When it comes to giving my beagle a bath, my preference is guided by my nose. This means that if there is smell I don’t like, it is bath time.

I understand that there are people with different degrees of “nose sensitivity “and different levels of tidiness and cleanness in their households. You know yourself and your beagle and you should find the perfect balance for your lifestyle. Therefore, I will include in the checklist the minimum requirements and also how I do it at home, in case you want to model that.

Finding the right place – Find a convenient and easy to clean-up place, with enough room to move around. If the weather permits you might want to do it outdoors.

Getting Ready – Get everything you need before you start, so you won’t have to waste your time fetching stuff and then running after your beagle.

STEPS - These are the 9 steps of my grooming routine and in the next articles of this series you will find out everything you need to know about each of them.


Beagle Grooming Routine – Steps

STEP ONE – Brushing your beagle’s teeth

STEP TWO – Cleaning your beagle’s face

STEP THREE – Brushing your beagle’s coat

STEP FOUR – Inspecting your beagle’s eyes, ears, feet and muzzle

STEP FIVE – Applying pest control products if needed

STEP SIX– Bathing your beagle

STEP SEVEN – Inspecting and cleaning your beagle’s ears

STEP EIGHT – Cleaning your beagle’s eyes

STEP NINE – Nail Trimming

EXTRA STEP – There is one last step only for beagles with impacted anal sacs. Hopefully, you won’t need to do this but bear in mind that beagles may have to have their anal sacs drained every 6 to 8 weeks. Your groomer or your vet can do this but they can also show you how to do it yourself.

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